Butchery 1


Paul is our full time butcher, and works with us 5 days a week. The butchery counter is open every day though, and all of our team are happy to help with your requirements.

We stock our own rare breed pork - Large Black, Oxford Sandy Black, Large White, and Tamworth.

Our own home reared beef will be available in late November and over the Christmas period - in the meantime we are able to offer beef from other local farms - all purely grass fed.

Lamb comes from Shimpling Park and is organic, and purely grass fed.

Chickens are from Sutton Hoo and are traditional, properly reared, free range chickens.

Local game is always available and we can offer Pheasant, Partridge, Grouse, Venison, Rabbit and Hare.

Christmas forms will be available shortly. This year we are stocking Turkeys and Geese from the best Norfolk suppliers.

If you have any questions do call 07900 814252.