old hall farm product 23

How to Buy

Our farm shop is open every day from 7am until 9pm (or later by arrangement), but if you're too far away to make the trip, we now offer a postal service.
We have teamed up with Wool Cool in order to provide the most ecologically friendly packaging that we could find whilst at the same time, trying to ensure that our beautiful milk arrives with our customers below 5 degrees celsius. 
We offer next day delivery before 12 noon and will be accepting orders for postal deliveries 3-4 times a week from Monday to Thursday. This service will cover our Raw Milk and Milkshakes, Raw Butter, Raw Cream, and our Milk Fed Pork.
For further information email moo@oldhallfarm.co.uk or telephone 07900 814252 or have a look at our price list: Pricelist-for-Online-Orders.pdf