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What is raw milk?

Raw milk is milk that comes straight from the cow -  has not been processed in any way - just filtered, cooled and bottled. 

Most milk is subjected to three processes:

1. Pasteurisation - the milk is heat treated to kill most (but not all) microbes

2. Homogenisation - the milk is sent through tiny jets under high pressure to break up the fat molecules into smaller ones - this keeps the fats in emulsion, preventing the cream from rising to the surface

3. Standardisation - to make a consistent fat content which is usually done by removing some of the cream

That's a lot of processing to go through!!

We believe that simply filtering and cooling the milk preserves all of the inherent, natural flavour and nutrients of the milk, including the full complex of fatty and amino acids. Raw Milk also has a layer of cream on top - you can easily shake the bottle to mix it back in if you don't want to drink it first as a treat.

At our farm, our raw milk is bottled on the SAME DAY as the cow is milked, compared to milk in the supermarket which is several days to a week old before it hits the shelves - YUCK!!

We are proud to be members of the Raw Milk Producers Association - Rebecca has been on the committee since it was formed in 2018 - here's a link to the RMPA section about raw milk, with further info on why it is so amazing:

Home - Raw Milk Producers

More information about the fabulousness that is Raw Milk, can also be found at the Raw Milk Institute, which also has links to science based research and powerful testimonials based on many years experience in the field:

About Raw Milk — Raw Milk Institute

It's entirely possible that we are a bit biased about how brilliant raw milk is for our health, so we heartily recommend that you do your own research. If you have any specific queries or concerns, please do contact us directly.

Our cattle are 100% pasture fed and as such, there are other nutritional benefits over and above the fact that our milk is raw. To find out more, visit Pasture For Life (we're members and will become accredited later in 2023):

Why pasture-fed is so important – Pasture for Life – Certified 100% grass-fed meat, milk and dairy

If you're looking at your diet in general, you may find helpful information here, on the Weston A Price Foundation website :

Home - The Weston A. Price Foundation (westonaprice.org)

Do enjoy reading the links above, and if you have any questions at all, please do contact us on 01508 333110 or oldhallfm@gmail.com