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What is raw milk?

Raw milk is milk that comes straight from the cow.  It has not been heat treated or pasteurised in any way. There are many health benefits of drinking raw milk which include the following facts:


  • It is more nutritionally dense than heat treated milk;
  • It retains the enzymes that pasteurised milk does not (many of these are heat sensitive and are denatured in the pasteurisation process)
  • It has not been homogenised, therefore the fat particles can be processed by our bodies in the way nature intended – otherwise they are too readily absorbed and can lead to heart problems
  • Raw milk contains probiotics and rich beneficial bacteria
  • It is easier to digest than pasteurised milk as it contains Lactase which helps our bodies digest lactose milk sugar
  • The butterfat (the cream line) is a great source of easily absorbed Vitamin A.  It also contains the fat-soluble Vitamins DE and K2
  • It is rich in conjugated Linoleic acid that can help fight cancer
  • Helps fight asthma and allergies – we need a level of good bacteria in our systems
  • Is a fantastic source of Calcium
  • It is normally bottled on the same day as the cow is milked, compared to milk in the supermarket which is several days old before it hits the shelves.


Despite these amazing benefits, raw Jersey milk is still 95% fat free!!