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How to Buy

Our farm shop is open every day from 8am until 6pm, and the vending machine is open from 6am until 6pm, but if you're too far away to make the trip, we now offer a postal service. 


Our online shop is now up and running - www.oldhallfarmshop.co.uk and we will be adding as much of our produce on here as we can, but bear with us as there is a lot to put on! This online shop also allows you the option to "click and collect" from the shop itself.

We offer next day delivery before 12 noon and will be accepting orders for postal deliveries, sending out on Monday - Friday to arrive Tuesday through to Saturday. This covers our Raw Milk and Milkshakes, Raw Butter, Raw Cream, Jersey Yoghurt, and any of our other products from Meat to Ghee - whatever we can get in the boxes! 

Prices for postal sales for milk only are as follows:

1-12L - £3.75/L

12-24L - £3.50/L

24L and over £3.25/L

We are also now able to send all of the products in our shop via mail order including fruit, vegetables, wine, gin, flour - all the essentials.

Our full product list can be found here:

We will be attending Wyken Vineyard market with a wide variety of produce including milk, cheese, beef, flour, and pork - if you'd like to make an order please give us a call. The product list is here.


For further information email moo@oldhallfarm.co.uk or telephone 01508 333110..