Takeaway Night 27th November

Friday 27th November Take Away

5pm until 7.30pm – pre booked time slots only please!

 Street Food Menu

 Main Courses

 Moroccan Lamb and Apricot tagine with cous cous and OHF spiced yoghurt £12


Crispy Sweet Chili Beef with braised rice and a coriander and vegetable slaw GF£10


Crispy Chickpea falafel served with cous cous, OHF spiced yoghurt and a coriander and vegetable slaw V £10


 King Prawn with vegetable and noodle laksa finished with coriander and toasted cashews £10

 Children size portions are available £8



Salted Caramel cheesecake £4.00

Jersey Ice Cream - £6 large or £3.50 small

  Wine or beer from our drinks list – pre chilled and ready to drink with your supper

Please ask us about allergens and intolerances and inform us if you may have a severe reaction. GFA – Gluten Free ingredients available, GF – already gluten free. V – Vegetarian. Vg – Vegan.


 All bookings including menu choices to be made in advance on or before Midday on 27th November please.

If emailing, please ensure that you receive final confirmation of your booking from us.


For more information, call 01508 333110 or email oldhallfm@gmail.com