Well, it's a tumultuous time, but we are here for our community.

It is our intention to keep the shop and café open every day from 8am until 6pm as normal. We are able to do local deliveries up to a 15 mile radius from Woodton, so if you can't get out due to self-isolation then please let us know and we'll get a delivery of fresh meat, veg, milk etc to you.

We are holding our Mother's Day celebration as planned, but wear a coat as al the doors and windows will be open to keep the fresh air flowing.

If you’re anything like us, you’re just taking one day at a time. Schools being closed from Friday is going to make life interesting, so we’re working on ways to help give you some space and fresh air, so watch our social media for more info.

We’re keeping on top of things in the shop - our suppliers are happy that they can get produce through to us, but we would ask that you don’t panic buy and take more than you need. Timing of deliveries is the issue, not quantity of stock. If we all buy a bit as we need it, then everyone will be able to have their fair share. We are keeping prices as low as we can - we know that things are going to get tough, so we are setting prices as low as we dare.

Thank you all to all our customers for your visits - your cheerfulness is amazing, and the blitz spirit is to be marvelled at.

Our goats (featured on ITV Anglia) have been very delighted with all the visitors, as have the Jersey Goddesses - they’ll be available every day for more cuddles.

Farmers markets are running as normal for now and pre-orders would be really helpful please, so we can make sure that we bring enough of everything.

Takeaway meals will be available from Thursday 19th March - they look amazing, and I’m so proud of Nathan and team for all of their hard work.

Nationwide deliveries will continue. APC have been amazing and are real heroes, as are all the posties. Bear with us, as we have a lot of requests to process - we will get everything to you, but as you can imagine as we are dealing with a lot more stock than normal, which needs to be organised.

A final thank you to our AMAZING team for all of your hard work, smiles, laughter and continued efforts to help people. You’re all heroes too and Stuart and I are so proud of you.

Please send all queries to moo@oldhallfarm.co.uk or ring 01508 333110